Find Love; Keep Love

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make your relationship amazing.jpg

Find Love; Keep Love


This video course is for anyone who is not yet in a relationship and would like to be. Six steps to finding (and keeping) an amazing relationship. So many people find themselves swiping left and right, looking for love, never realising that real love can only be found after taking an inner voyage of discovery. This programme will teach you the skills you need on your journey to lasting love. The Modules cover:

  1. Is it Me? Know Yourself – how could changing some of your beliefs about love shape your future?

  2. Will I ever find love? Know You Are Loved – how could a greater awareness of the love you already have, change your life?

  3. Why does it have to be this way? Love your Life – how can you live with passion and be your fullest self?

  4. Where’s “The One”? Know whom you want to share life with – what values and qualities do you really want in a lifelong partner?

  5. Will I sabotage Love? Get ready – what skills do you need to date with insight and integrity?

  6. How will I know if it’s right? Magnetise – how can you attract your future partner to you?

At the end of this six-week LIVE programme, you will know exactly how:

… to overcome the things that have been blocking you from finding real love

… to transform any self-sabotaging or love-limiting beliefs

… who you are and what you have to offer in love relationships

… who you want and what they should offer you in love

… where your personal power lies in life and in love

… how to live with more passion every day

… exactly what your needs are in a lasting loving relationship

… what your non-negotiables are in a relationship

You’ll also have access to me through out the programme, to talk things through. I’m here for you until you find the love you want in your life.

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