The Lazy Lovers' Guide to Happily Ever After

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romantic picnic.jpg

The Lazy Lovers' Guide to Happily Ever After


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This workshop is for anyone who wants to take the strain out of relationships, stop trying to make them work by trial and error and find the easy way to love happily ever after. We will cover:

… four habits to avoid if you want to make love last (and their antidotes)

… three things that make love thrive

… two mindsets that strengthen or weaken love

… the one thing, above all else that will make your relationship amazing

… exactly what to do when you get stuck, even when it seems impossible

… how to deal with emotional storms, conflicts and problems that are overwhelming

… skills to feel more loved and make your partner more loved too

… what the four relationship killers are and how to stop them before they destroy love

… twelve crucial relationship skills revealed by the science of love over the past four decades

… practical ways to become brilliant at using relationship skills to create the love you want in your life.

Equipped with this knowledge, you will feel as though you have a secret super-power when it comes to your relationship.

Includes your LoveGuide (workbook) all materials, a delicious light lunch and refreshments throughout the day. It’s going to be fun to spend this time together!

Click now - spaces are limited. I can’t wait to see you at the workshop.


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