Date Night LIVE!

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Date Night LIVE!


Discover a life-changing set of skills, based on four-decades’ of research into what happy successful couples do to make love last a lifetime.

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Over the course of six weeks we will discover:

… four habits to avoid if you want to make love last (and their antidotes)

… three things that make love thrive

… two mindsets that strengthen or weaken love

… the one thing, above all else that will make your relationship amazing

… exactly what to do when you get stuck, even when it seems impossible

… how to deal with emotional storms, conflicts and problems that are overwhelming

… skills to feel more loved and make your partner more loved too

… what the four relationship killers are and how to stop them before they destroy love

… twelve crucial relationship skills revealed by the science of love over the past four decades

… practical ways to become brilliant at using relationship skills to create the love you want in your life.

We will cover so much more in this course, and by the end you will be hopeful, confident and clear that you can make your love last a lifetime. You’ll feel like you have a secret super-power when it comes to your relationship.

You will also have ongoing support, directly with me, so that you can apply the skills to your unique situation and go beyond the goals you have for life and love.

The programme includes:

  • A welcome call with me to discover exactly what you want to gain from the course

  • Six weeks of video content and supporting pdf materials, full of practical ways to apply the relationship skills

  • Private weekly LIVE video sessions (WEDNESDAY 9pm London time) where everyone in the group will learn relationship skills in a way that’s interactive and fun! (if you can’t make Wednesday, there’s a Sunday session 10am London time and a recording you can watch at your leisure)

  • Three hours of one-to-one coaching conversations, which you can schedule with me, whenever suits you, over the course of the next 12 months, whenever you need them most

  • Half price on all future online courses and programmes and huge reductions on workshops, live retreats and vision portraits.

    WEEK ONE:   

    • How can Science help us love for a lifetime?

    • Your greatest challenges and your most powerful tool.

    • What is your RelationSHIP?

    WEEK TWO:  

    • The five planks of FriendSHIP.

    • Why responding is essential for bonding.

    • How empathy unlocks the door into each other’s worlds


    • Love in six different currencies. Discover if you’re filling your partner’s treasure chest. The secret exchange-how to trade in your partner’s currency.

    • How Affection and Admiration can turn everything around.

    • Treasure time together.


    • Icebergs–how to avoid them and use the antidotes.

    WEEK FIVE:   

    • Openness-erotic intelligence-the wind in the sails of our relationships.

    • Navigating towards our happily ever island and away from the icebergs.

    • Solving problems that can be solved.  

    WEEK SIX:  

    • Healing wounds and how to avoid creating new ones.

    • Intimacy –using conflict to create deeper connection.

    • Purpose –creating a clear vision for your relationship.

Join me to create more love, happiness and fulfilment in your relationship. Don’t wait. The course starts VERY SOON! I look forward to seeing you there.

I can't wait to join the course